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Default Re: 10 bands you could listen to anytime

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
6. Tool - Explanation is beyond words..
Originally Posted by MattsMe View Post
Dayum right!

As far as my list goes:

1. Tool(obviously...)
2. A Perfect Circle
3. System of a Down(Serj's solo work is good also)
4. Mastodon
5. Metallica
6. Orange Goblin
7. Candlemass
8. Pantera
9. Isis
10. Five Finger Death Punch

A bunch of other stuff... Had a hard time ranking anything about anything(with the exception of Tool). A lot of metal on the list, but by no means is that all I listen to. Its my favorite. But again, not the only thing. Listen to almost everything imaginable with the except of Pop.

Guess I could have put Kamelot on here... See this is why I can't do lists like this! lol
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