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Default Re: Carson Palmer Has Hard Feelings Toward Steelers..

Originally Posted by Steel Pit
It really annoys me to hear Bengals fans spouting off about a different outcome to the playoff game had Carson Palmer played. The score may have changed a bit but the outcome would have been the same, A PITTSBURGH STEELERS VICTORY.

During the 4 weeks leading up to the playoff game against the Steelers the Bengals finished their regular season by narrowly beating a Cleveland Browns team, LOSING to the Buffalo Bills, and LOSING to the Kansas City Chiefs. Besides losing 2 of 3 games to NON-PLAYOFF teams, these losses occurred while the Bengals were still in contention to win a number 2 seed in the AFC Conference. They had a lot to play for and they simply choked. I'll also point out that you had a healthy Carson Palmer at the end of the season but the man that you're so overly impressed with, could manage only 1 win from 3 VERY-WINNABLE games.

With that being said I will suggest that the Bengals just weren't good enough to beat the Steelers or any of the playoff teams. You can't end the regular season as the Bengals did and then suggest that you were somehow the best team in the conference and that you would have went on to the Super Bowl if not for the injury to Carson Palmer. Hog Wash!

The Bengals were simply a team that took advantage of the injury-plagued season experienced by the Steelers QB's. Had these injuries not occurred, the Bengals would not have won the division therefore they would have missed the playoffs after the week 17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.
True Dat Bro! Another take is to look at the scoring differences. We won by how much the first game? We only lost by 7 with their one magnanamous win. Then start up our post-season (ending theirs) with how many points? Hmmmmmm........

But the meat of your message was so true: They still had something to play for toward the end....and didn't play at all.

Nice post Bro.
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