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Just another monthly update....I still have most of the steelers room for sale..A couple of things i want to remind people that have read this thread and the newbies that will read it as it seems to be mainly newbies that respond to this now.......Please only respond if you are serious about buying a item and not just curious as to what i have.It takes alot of work and effort to put together lists and email them as i have to hand type lists......And again,please if you respond to me for a list please give me the respect to email me back letting me know you got the lists.....I am tired of people saying they are interested and then i email them a list to never hear from them again....And also i am selling at a fair value price and not at a give away price.So if you are looking for give aways try ebay.I am a steelers fan selling thier lifelong collection and would like to get a decent return value for it...Thanks
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