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Post Ranking the major sports

Sports Rankings(only the big ones, don't bust my chops about golf, or Nascar, etc)

NFL - Clearly the leader. Meaningful games, level playing field, serious drug policy, and their big dance is the number one event worldwide come Jan/Feb. Concern on the watch, is underclassmen. Clearly the most physical of all sports what happens if sophs/juniors keep coming out and get crushed without certain contract money? It won't stop the sport, but could change fan interest.

MLB - Even with black eyes a plenty, they let the Sox win and outdue the NBA for 2nd. Come on, you can't tell me you would rather watch Ben Wallace block shots then watch almost 100 years of history be erased. Plus it is a better game. One great pitch, one great hit, one great catch means something. The games are too many to keep our interest, but there is no such thing as a safe lead when you don't get the ball back when the other team scores.

NBA - Is great because players are more marketable than any other sports. They don't wear as much so we can relate. Look at Jordan. Made millions on the court and off. The problem is we appreciate the water cooler talk. Especially the real fans. We don't talk about the touchdown run on monday night or tuesday, we talk about how that 2nd year OT we weren't sure on is coming into his game by making a great pulling block to free up the RB for the TD run. Not so in the NBA. I always liked Detlepf Schrempf(sp?) for being the best 6th man in the league and being an all star cause of it. I couldn't name the last 10 6th man winners.

NHL - was never our game to begin with. We just saw a way to market it better than anyone else. The players are not ours. Olympic hockey? Sure we couldn't lose that, we have tradition. NHL okay take it away. NAmes we can't say. Faces we never see. Ask non fans why they watch anyway, cause of the fights. It got too big and greedy and needs to resize and play to its niche markets.

But it could just be my opinion
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