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Default Re: Tailgate Parking

You won't find any that open before 5 hours before game time. Unless you hear of some private lot, but I personally don't know of any, nor have I seen any info on them posted here... parking has become much harder to come by with hotels/casinos/T-stations/entertainment complexes being built.

All lots you can have a grill in, in the city of pittsburgh you aren't allowed a burn barrell, though you usually get away with it at the lots farther away (Blue 7G, 7H, 7J etc.) The same can be said for tents... if you end up getting a pass for a closer lot (Gold lot, probably some of the closer red lots)... the po-po/security will come by and tell you to take it down. I think it is a matter more that the farther away lots don't get patrolled as much.

If you don't buy a parking pass, your only real option is the Blue Canal lot, it still has day of parking available.

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