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Default Re: Another wacky Steelers board RIP

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
It's all good. I thought about moving this, since it doesn't have to do with Steelers football, but the locker room would be the only place I could think of, and it would just die there. If Tony or Pete want to move it, I've got no issues.

I've never been to either board, so I have no clue how either is/or was run. Only boards I've posted at were (which is full of great knowledgeable fans, but the forums themselves suck) and the board which shall not be named...where a good number of members were booted for not falling into line (myself included).

I hope this never becomes a board with nothing but flame-wars and insults. That shit is going to happen sometimes, but I'd like to think we're all adults and can get over it. For the most part I think it's worked out fine so far. I'm never going to be ultra restrictive on the debates though, same goes for Tony and Pete.

And I know there are times where I'm going to be a bitch (I'm sure I already have been a few times), but I don't want people to think that means they can't speak their minds.

I don't know...I'm rambling. Just have fun lol.
I have seen overly moderated sites, that are the worst. Then I have seen the true coo coo boards, where the appeal is like witnessing abnormal psychology. SFC had a mere handful of posters, with 50% seemingly nuts. But you never knew who was really as they posed vs. total fabrications. Some % were total created "characters" without question. But the place really was more about the invention of aliases more than about the PS.

I hope this place is the happy medium - not overly moderated, not overly uptight, but keeping the core discussion on all things Steelers as opposed to a loon house featuring coo coo aliases and the majority of the content being flame wars, not even on subjects related to the PS.

So far, this place seems like a good mix of quality content, good level of participation and updated technology, where there aren't glitches all the time.
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