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Default Re: Another wacky Steelers board RIP

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Yeah, this will never get to be a totally coo coo board. That's why guys like Stupa-Fly, whatdoiknow and Downbylaw are goners. We don't mind a little crazy, but they were over the top lol.

I don't like over moderating either. And I hope it stays a happy medium too. I'm sure people are going to swear at each other and not get along from time to time, but we're not going to treat people like kids either who can't work shit out.
Anyone remember "Kill Cowher" and his ilk from the old That was totally over the top. If he disagreed with any football content you posted (and he pretty much always would, regardless) he would immediately drop ribald, as-gross-as-can-be, "You ___ off your dad and I ___ your mom" nonsense. How people were entertained by that stuff, I have no idea. It would seem you'd have to be in about 7th grade to be humored by it.

Oh, and the other moderation I find buzz-killing is the "you can only post rose-colored (black and gold colored?) about the Steelers, no matter what, or you are banned. They are afraid to discuss any possible weakness or problem with the team, and if you do, they can't take it. I find those kind of fans to be totally lame and weak. If the team has a problem, why can't we discuss it? It's like living with your head in the sand.

No thank you.

That's more for your typical Brown fan. The majority of their boards are flooded with fans who predict that they are now the best team in the NFL, after any win or off season.
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