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Default Re: Another wacky Steelers board RIP

Originally Posted by Rotorhead View Post
This board got pretty bad for awhile actually, alot of ppl continually argued back and forth for a few months. That is when I stopped posting for half a year or so. It seems alot of the extreme ppl deffected somewhere else but a few of the good posters left as well (dont know where as it was when I was not looking here). The board is not as good as it was before the fallout, but still one of the best Steelers boards out there.
I think all boards go through phases and cycles. I haven't been following
this one until now, so I can't comment on the history you mention. It always
seems they get into bickering phases and when that volume gets too
high some good posters will bail. By the way, SFC is still down. I think that
place is toast; they only had about 10 posters left, at most (some were probably
aliases any how) and a few of those who remained were a "Kill Cowher" level
of whack.
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