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Default Re: Another wacky Steelers board RIP

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
First we saw turn into cinders after it had established itself as an active, informative and entertaining site.

But after too many loonies became too active, and moderation got too extreme, that site, at one point, flamed out to almost no activity (I see there is a little bit back now, but not much.)

Then seemed to pick up a lot of action from former posters on SC, but the same fate ended up - seemingly - smashing SFC. That place got real bizarre - with mods booting quality posters while keeping the nuttiest of all posters around. And lately, it seems some of the nuts started prank calling a mod at work, like in their real life. The site operator said, due to the prank calls, he would likely be shutting down the site. And as of today, at least when I tried to view it, the site is down.

I hope this site is the "sane" site some of us have been looking for. Getting in debate, etc. can be fun. But when it turns into nothing but guttural insults, it really ruins boards. Those past two boards should be studied by a team of psychiatrists.
First off the site Admin lied. He made up alot of the problems on that site himself and used multiple usernames to have pretend conversations with himself. The site had only 5-6 people posting.

Yes he got a couple of e-mails requesting him to stop being an asshole and unban the two people he banned for no reason other than he did not like their opinions. The Mod was dumb enough to give out his real e-mail address with his full name. We let him know that and he got all paranoid. A lesson to all Mods... don't give out personal information unless you really know the person well.

And this site has always been "sane" with good debate.
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