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Default Re: Steelers Notebook: OLB Gibson is likely to be lost on waivers

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Who wants to place a bet that Gibson will have more tackles for the 49ers (special teams or otherwise) than Battle inside of the next two or three weeks?
How can we view Battle's tackles? I was trying to review this.

If this was the Steelers attitude, then I blame them for picking too many LBs during the draft. I understand we were overextended at the position . 9 LB is too much when we had 7 the season before.

OK...I understand that. Then the problem is if they knew that, why did they pick 2 LB in the top 4 picks? They should have picked someone else.

Meanwhile if they are uncomfortable with Sanders as a punt returner, they should have kept Logan over Battle. Towards the end of preseason, I saw Logan making it down to the returner quickly.

I know we are far away from the draft but I can predict the cuts which will make room for players
-Jonathan Scott, ARE, Battle, Madison.
These are helpful because it can give an idea of the players we could have afforded to lose.

They have to make sure not to activate McClendon for 9 games or he will be ineligible for PS next year.

Also...we'll know by next year if Dwyer is ready.
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