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Default 2nd week in a row, heading to a 3rd

The best bet in the NFL is on a home underdog in a prime time game.

Well, that's what we got for a 2nd week in a row - a team with it's back against the wall,
who hates us more than they do any other team.

And then we got Pats next week, coming off a humiliating loss. Check out Brady's and Belichick's stats when coming off a loss.

Bottom line, if we can win ONE of next two, I will take it.

Or, drop them both and then not lose another game all season. That is also
a distinct possibility.

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

Cowher was right about that.

Make no mistake: We will get the Bengals' best tonight. Here's hoping their best isn't enough. We will find out. I can't forget how we couldn't get them off the field in either game last year when it mattered.
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