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Default Re: Pitt @ Cincinnati Gameday Thread 11/8/10

Originally Posted by WickedSteel View Post
Ok, another close victory. When is the time to start worrying about this team? The offense keeps spitting and sputtering and going nowhere fast and the D keeps getting fried by the pass on a weekly basis.

This is not a SB caliber team right now. There is no consistency on either side of the ball. Go look at the numbers on how many passing yards the Steelers have given up in the past 4 games. It's abysmal. Now Brady and his locks come to town next week. They haven't been able to get much pressure on QBs lately, the O line is a patched up mess right now, Ward and Miller have disappeared, red zone offense is still horrible.

Something needs to be done. If I were Tomlin I would go off in the locker room. There is absolutely NO reason to be celebrating any aspect of this game. This kind of performance against a 2-5 team is a joke. You can't beat the likes of the Ravens, Pats and Jets by playing like this.
The "likes" of the Ravens, Pats and Jets, like I detailed, have plenty of problems of their own. Shutout at home, 20 point loss to the Browns, barely scraping by the 0-8 Bills....

Every team is flawed, with Aaron Smith we were probably the clear-cut #1 with the least flaws, but without him we're right in that group where honestly, anyone can beat each other.

When it comes down to it in a playoff game, we have a shot against anybody we play.
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