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Post Re: So who's ur 1st round draft pick ?

I have been busy doing homework on this. Have seen speculation on the following:

Brandon Brower - Oregon St., Corey Webster - LSU, Carlos Rogers - Auburn, Marion Jackson - Michigan
Justin Tuck - Notre Dame, Dan Cody - Oklahoma, Demarcus Ware - Troy St.
A. Smith - Stanford
Marion Barber III - Minnesota, Kay-Jay Harris - West Virginia(not as #1 pick, but everyone is saying we will take him sometime, so worth mentioning)

The one to watch is Demarcus Ware. He has been steadily moving up boards. Is too small for DE, and is better fit for OLB in 3-4(sound familiar?). I don't think he is #1 worthy yet, but since he is smaller school rep, it sounds like another Steelers move up in the 2nd round and get two good playersin top 50 picks.
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