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Default Re: I know you didnt miss a single kick in the playoffs last time Reed...

Jeff Reed is a certified douchebag. It's time to move on,

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
What he said. There is exactly one kicker in the HoF, and the thought that Reed would make it two is, well... a deluded homerism.

As for Adam Vinatieri missing chip shots during his SB years with the Patriots, once again, no. He won Superbowl XXXVI with his leg, and that regular season he made all but one kick under 40 yards (but it was over 30 yards) including all of his kicks under 30. He missed exactly one kick under 30 yards his next SB season, 2003. And he was almost perfect the following season, 2004, missing only a few long kicks (over 40 yards).

Lionslicer, do you understand that words mean things? Do you think about the words that come out of your mouth (or out of your keyboard) beforehand? Just a tip: when you make claims of fact, it is immensely helpful if what you are claiming is actually true.
Why does God hate amputees?

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