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Default Re: I dont understand

I was very impressed to see the passes to Mendenhall (1 to Moore), I remember us talking about this earlier in the year how this option was not utilized in the beginning of the season and it did very well last night. Developing this helps our receivers and TEs. I was happy with every aspect of our team except maybe the secondary in coverage and Reed. If Mendenhall did not make the cutbacks, catches and gashes for large gains, this game would have been lost. This game marks the 2nd game in a row that I was happy with the offensive play calling. Benji was given the no-huddle as a change of pace in the first half and it didn't really work well, however, seeing him audible to the run on the blitz was VERY impressive. He did this a number of times with great success, leading me to beleive that this must have been addressed during the week. There is no feeling bad about this WIN, there were alot of good things shown last night, a lot of new things to develop as we go into the 2nd half of the season. I love winning close games!

Side note: Anyone watch the Wallace interview at the ESPN desk at the end of the game. I was worried having seen his interviewd before, but he acted very well in a manner befitting a true Steeler. Good job Wally!
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