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Default Re: Allen, Moore, and Redman get concussions?

This explains why at the end of the game neither Redman or Moore came in for Mendy when he was tired after running 6 times ina row.

I do remember redman going down, but i didn't think it was bad, but I didn't see moore go down unless it was on special teams.

Keisel was out more of the game it seemed. Hoke actually was playing defensive end instead of Eason, and what happened to that extra defensive end the steelers signed? Must not know the plays that good.

Hopefully Kemo gets better, but Legursky actually played well at his spot. Those big runs at the end of the game were without Kemo in the game.
I hope Miller's injury isn't that bad, a swollen knee can limit a lot of mobility. Spaeth was almost an offensive tackle last night with all the injuries, can't have him playing tackle if we need a tightend to keep Miller fresh.
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