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Default Re: Tomlin Transcript

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
And this is exactly the point. He has good strategies and good ideas, however he can't seem to close games normally. Get a damn fullback and close the damn game if you have too. Cowher use to do this with the lousiest QB's in the history of the game with smaller leads. Tomlin says impose your will. GOOD, impose it in the 4th. Even if you dont score, kill 5 or 6 min of time so the other team can not have time to score 3 TDs in a quarter.

The loss to the saints was player error, Health fumbled at the worse time. Against the Ravens, the offensive line went off sides twice at the worst time and jacked up field position at the end and the Ravens made them pay.

I am worried about a redux of last year. And I am doubly worried about what happen in the Super Bowl. Big Ben saved the steelers numerous times in 2008. And up 20-7 with 12 min left, if Big ben wasnt on fire at the end, that would have been a horrible loss. With our kicker sucking this year, the pressure is even worse...
It was not Tomlins fault that we went to that damn prevent defense at the beginning of the fourth. As soon as Randle L threw that TD I told my buddy we were screwed. Being up by 20 guaranteed we were going to go to prevent and 15 min is way too long to do it. All a prevent D does is prevent you from winning the game especially since it seems we cant cover anyone over the middle.

It was not Tomlins fault that Ben threw a stupid INT.

It was not Tomlins fault that we drew 3 big penalties on 3 plays.

I am still not sold on Tomlin completely but I like what he has done so far.
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