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Default Re: Tomlin Transcript

Originally Posted by lionslicer View Post
Tomlin is also one to keep his negative comments in the locker room, and on the field and during practice he's usually extremely loud and emotional and thats what works. And I'm glad he doesn't say anything that gets himself in trouble with the Media or Players and vice versa. Teams don't need distractions.
He's talking to the media. Those of you who do not like how he handles his press conferences and gives politically correct comments need to go talk to the media themselves. Seriously, the media's job is to twist and turn words into another story. Who cares how he handles his press conferences ... let's focus on how he wins games. Even if by 1 point.

I'm more worried about the make-shift offensive line he needs to put together and have ready to play come Sunday night. No way do I want to lose to the Cheats.
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