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Default Re: Harris: Farrior finds redemption in Cincy

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
No Hate just watch the film...He is a two down Linebacker...We just have no heir apparent....
Its what you consider a 2 down player that bothers me. Any other team would use Smith as a 2 down, sometimes 1 down player, and only out there on running plays, but for the Steelers as long as the other teams offense is on the field he's on the field. Farrior is the same way, though you might not consider him a linebacker who can fly around, but what middle linebacker does that? Especially in a 2 middle linebacker system where 1 is ment to be the dominant middle of the field backer and the other has the sole purprose of running all around the field like Jack Ham and Derrick Brooks.

The 3-4 system its-self requires Farrior to survive right now. Lewis at this point in his career might be stronger than Farrior, but watching him play, he is much slower but he never misses a down, and that defense is dominant when he's on the field.
Finding someone who is a big smashmouth linebacker but is also very smart and good in coverage is hard to find at a young age in general. Especially with the Steelers needing more help on the offense and defensive line, you wont see them drafting a replacement for Farrior this year, so learn to like him.
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