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Default Re: AFCN Champ: Steelers need to win out

Lots of games to be played. Honestly, both teams, whichever it may be, could lose atleast 2 more. I don't think we need to win out to win the North. I think winning IN BALTIMORE is must-win situation only for this reason:

If we lose to Balt, then they straight out win the head to head tie-breaker. If we beat Balty in Balty, then the series is tied one-one and that goes to division record (yet to be determined.) The thing is, if we go onto beat New England Sunday night, then that third option goes to Conference record and then to strength of schedule.

If we beat Balty later on in the year and if we beat N.E then that will help out the Conference and strength of schedule when talking tiebreakers.

The Ravens lost to the Patriots, Bengals AND Falcons, teams that we all beat head to head (if we beat N.E) so that could have a major say in the weeks to come. It's too early to get into it now but even though this week against N.E isn't as major as a must-win than Balty will be, but it has its significance if we do indeed drop some.
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