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Cool Re: How Do You Feel About Ben Running The Offense?

Originally Posted by Steeler4life1972 View Post
Ben knows the offense inside and out....let him do the no huddle!!! ****in' Arians holds us back....let Ben play from the hip and improvise....check back and look when Ben does a lot of no huddle we score a lot of points!!!
My only concern would be Ben's ability to read packages and tendencies from the line.

He's been concussed a few times, has eaten a windshield, and allegedly two young women.

I am not sure his mind is ever going to mature as it should based on the trauma received.

That said...

There's one thing for certain: Ben is a quarterback. And a damn good one. You can't take the "it" away from him, no matter how much he herps and derps.

Cut Ben lose. Live by Ben's decisions. Die by Ben's decisions.

He wants to be the General. Let him lead.
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