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Default Re: Steelers dead last in pass attempts.

Originally Posted by SamUK View Post
He has had 109 attempts in 4 games.... so double that for 8 and we would still only be ranked 28 in pass attempts!

When we do throw.... top 10 for % completion and the best stat at all to back zulater up on why we should throw more...

Yards per Completion average = 8.2
2nd in the league only behind the Chargers!
If you were to look at the league average of atempts over the past couple years, its 25... Ben averages like 27 a game, thats above average, I don't know why this year seems to be the year of 35 pass atempts per team. I remember when Ben only passed the ball liek 15 times a game and Steelers were still in the 20's of pass atempts.
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