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Default Re: NE @ Pitt Gameday Thread 11/14/10

Originally Posted by urgle burgle View Post
you whiney ass bitchin' mother****ers. yeah we came out like a buntch of slugs. Ben was way off for a half. arians sucks, can't adjust, our pass defense is a joke, and we ALWAYS lose to the effin' patriots. this game sucked. big time. i knew it prob would. but we didnt quit. our recvers got some different playing time at different positions, different scenarios. running game was semi ok, considering our o line issues. this game coudl be just like the colts game of supe bowl 40. or maybe not. whoopee dodee ****ing do. been like this for a century(almost). we got 2 effin' super bowls in the past five yrs. yeah, i think mike was effin' clueless in going for that onside kick at that time(killed any momentum we had). im hoping he learned his lesson, and wont do the same stupid bullshit again. anyway, quit bitchin' like a bunch of 2 yr olds. we are the effin' STEELERS. theres a lot bigger issues out there than this one game. more than one, then yeah, maybe, but its one. oh well, later.

I you.

I looked over at my fiance earlier tonight and mentioned how funny it was to watch grown men turn into whining babies over a football game.

Everything will be ok people. Seriously. Even if they don't make the playoffs (which I know they will)'ll be ok.

Time to move on to the Raiders.
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