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Default Re: NE @ Pitt Gameday Thread 11/14/10

Originally Posted by Steeler4life1972 View Post
urgle burgle...yeah im whining like a 2 yr old and if your a true fan you would be too when its obvious we dont prepare well for teams....especially when we have a bunch of injuries then you better damn well be making adjustments!!!! Quit being the friggin"quit whining" police when this is an obvious problem with our team!!! I dont think your a true fan if you are gonna say that shit....this is a are clueless with no football common sense if you dont see this!!! I have faith in this team but we are only as good as our preparation!!!
now i could say something "I guess you were that 2 yr old I was talkin' too," but I won't. That would be rude (see how I did that). I quite know the issues this team is dealing with. I have faith that we will overcome. We didn't win six rings for being a bunch of retards. I waited my entire life for one ring, and dammit, I got blessed with two. I will bitch and complain about certain issues, as all fans do, in the coming days. But I have perspective about these things. I will add it up to you are overly excited, and have drank a bit too much, and thats ok. I do, have, and am, doing the same thing. But please don't pull out the "true fan" card. It just makes you look foolish.
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