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Default Re: Does Herron have a chance to make the team?

i think B2W has issues lol. how old are? bc u sound like a 5 year old lier lier lier pants on fire lol. dude why the hell would anyone lie, its info for this site. and i dont even know u were here before the draft when i posted my scouting reports to again, i have to say i have seen film on herron blocking for aRB if u go back to his JR year he sahared the load with anthior RB. and after watching film on essax. ill get theses vid on mys erver. then maybe u cans top acting like a 5 year old and grow up .and u still were wrong sayign they dont use FB in the purple regin, bc they do and have them listed on there roster.and i was wron about the name i used i got it form espn. i went to the wrong yera hehe, Jason Wright was th back he blocked for in alot of plays.and so u dont keep sounding like a broken record, we can agree to disagree. untill i get tose vids up for u. and as for my
credibility in question, who had the scouting reports for rookies this year. oh ya me i wathc 10 hours of film for the draft. bc i write for my college news paper.
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