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Default Re: prepared??? Didn't seem like it....

-I hate brady, but there is a reason why Tom Brady is ranked as one of the top 25 Greatest NFL players of all time. ! (according to nfl....)
and where was Tomlin 2nite ?, -umm standing on the sidelines looking like a .... :(

The Steelers' Coaches' were obviously "un-prepared" for this.
This game was hyped up ALL week as the big-rivalry-event. This time, sry, but no excuses for you Mike. -either Tomlin can't control this, or he isn't given the control -somethin stinks here.
-this game was outta reach after the 1st 10minutes and We didn't even "TRY" for gawd sakes. Atleast we could have tried instead of just nothing, and covering up with some useless stats.
I am still ticked-off over this game.
The Steelers are gonna need some "eye of the tiger" real soon.

Well, i'm now puttin' this one behind us for sure.
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