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Default Re: prepared??? Didn't seem like it....

Originally Posted by SteelCurtain View Post
They never look prepared. We lost to teams that the Browns demolished. I hated Tomilin being hired and I'm hating it even more now. They never have a good game plan. Where was the pass rush today? This team isn't super bowl caliber. Maybe we need to actually address our problems, like the offensive line and corners instead of drafting 3 linebackers and getting other team's rejects in free agency. We have serious problems and if you don't address it in the draft, then you address it in free agency. I guess we don't do either. Tomlin is a piss poor coach that won a ring off of the team that Cowher built. He is even more terrible for not realizing Arians is even more terrible then he is and that he should have been fired years ago. We have a much more talented team than the Browns, but why did they beat these teams that we have lost to? Because they have better coaches who actually prepare their team and that come up with a good game plan that plays to the strengths of the players they have. We obviously don't have that. If last year wasn't enough proof, then this year should pretty much spell it out.

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