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Default Re: Does Herron have a chance to make the team?

OMG, You have got to be kidding me Jersey. You don't know when to give up do you.......

You started the name-calling, a classic sign of no knowlege or facts to prove your point......weak!

There is FB's on everyones roster, but it is not used in their base offense. They run a single-back.

You say you have seen him block for a RB?.......Then this is my favorite quote.

Q: Obviously, he probably didn't do a whole lot of lead blocking [at Northwestern], being the main ball carrier. Is that something you think he can learn?

HOAK: Yeah. He has the size to do it and the athletic ability to do it. He's never been asked to do it. He does a pretty good job for them, as far as pass protection, but you don't see him do any run blocking.

He has never done any run-blocking.

Are you done now You are wrong Jersey, let it go.
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