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Default Re: AFCN Champ: Steelers need to win out

After last night's disaster, I decided to revisit this thread and have reconsidered what I originally posted. The Steelers in their present form have no chance of winning the AFCN - they are not a championship-caliber team. The Patriots exposed, embarrassed, and humliated the Steelers on national TV (Saints game, anyone?). This team is God-awful. Lebeau appears to be clueless and continues to do the same thing over and over again - no serious pressure on Brady, and you wind up giving him time to pick you apart.

As I've stated in my previous posts, and what other forum members have also stated - William Gay SUCKS, I mean REALLY REALLY SUCKS. Jonathan Scott and Trai Essex are not far behind either - the O-lin stinks. It was a serious ass-kicking by Belichick and Co. - they knew exactly what had to be done and went out and did it. By the time we were able to do anything, it was too late. Face it folks, we got beat by the Saints - the "experts" here said not to worry, we were bound to have our one bad game, we would move on and take care of business. So what the heck happened last night - is that just another bad game and we move on? Face it, we can't beat superior teams - we're not in their class, period. It would take a miracle for the Steelers to make it tot he playoffs and advance.

Like I said before, we still have the Ravens and Jets to worry about - as well as a resurgent and hungry Browns teams. We slipped by the Bengals - may not be so lucky next time. What a revolting development. Sickening, absolutely sickening.
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