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Default Re: prepared??? Didn't seem like it....

I'm not a smart guy but I could tell you before the game even started what the Patriots game plan was going to be.... Spread'em and chuck the ball all over the field. We get 3 nationally televised games in a row and we go 1-2 and almost 0-3 to teams we should have beaten SOUNDLY.

Is someone going to tell me that the Browns have more talent than the Steelers? Really? The Browns CRUSHED the Saints and the Patirots and we looked like a bad college team with no definitive game plan in place to ensure victory.

Why was Mendenhall barely used? He averaged 4.5+ yds/carry last night but only got the ball 11 times. Our O-line is horrible and even worse that a lot of the starters are now out. Pouncey is the only lineman we have thats worth a damn. He's not Webster or Dawson yet but that kids future is very bright. We need to build around him.

I am so frustrated that we always get out-coached by the Patriots especially when their game plan is not rocket science yet every time we face them they make us look like a bunch of chumps.

"You win by attrition. You impose your will on your opponent." ~ Mike Tomlin
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