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Originally Posted by BritishSteel View Post
As long as the words 'unleash' and 'hell' aren't in there!

We're a beat up team, who are showing now that we're short on back-ups in key areas. Part of it is bad luck, part of it is having ageing players on both lines (Thank God we took Pouncey in Rd1 last year - I wanted us to go for Earl Thomas) and that compounds the injury situation, part of it is lack of talent in key positions and part of it is coaching.

We are still in the mix-up though, even with last nights f**k-up fresh in the mind - The Pats showed against the Browns what we showed against the Pats - that there are no elite teams in the AFC. It's still there if we want it badly enough. The question is, do we want it badly enough? And that's where your HC earns the big bucks, and last night's game proved why Bellicheat, for a much as I loathe him, is still the best head coach in the NFL - now Tomlin needs to step up.

For what it's worth, I think we'll finish 11-5, with loses against the Jets and the Rats, but make it as a wild card. For that to happen, we'll need to show a lot more than we did last night - the Raiders and Browns are both plenty good enough to beat us on last night's showing.
I do not want to hear about injuries. That is an excuse. It is not why we are losing. We had offensive issues all season. We were giving up passing yards late in games all season. Our kicker has stunk all season. Bruce Arians has been worthless all season.

The GB Packers have more serious injuries then we do, yet they are getting better and we are not.
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