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Default Re: STFU Al Michaels!!

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Stop acting like a Seahawks fan. Tom Brady is 6-1 all time against us and we play like a bunch of homo's when we face him. Brady deserves all the praises in the world, the dude is a first ballot hall of famer who certainly makes a living kicking the shit outta us! Did you even watch that performance? We didn't even deserve the same field as the Patriots. Brady scorched us worse than I thought we'd ever be scorched. You really think the booth is going to fawn over the Steelers tonight? The HELL did we do to even be mentioned on National Television? Embarrassing.
I have to agree Stainless. The Steelers got their butts kicked last night and people just have to admit it. I am not really understanding the Defense much either when their dropping our Best Passrusher in James Harrison seems like on 60% or more of the time. Woodley is Not getting it done this year. Lawrence Timmons just might be our Best LB right now. Jarvis-Green could have rushed for over 130 yards last night if the Patriots were willing to give him the ball more. I know our Offensive Line is hurting Very Badly right now, but I think all in all they have performed Alot Better than I would have ever thought they Could Have with All The Injuries they have endured so far.
So in my opinion Steelers fans need to prepare for more hardtimes until this Offensive Line comes back as healthy as possible. I think we could win as little as 8 or 9 games this year at this point.
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