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Default Re: Does Herron have a chance to make the team?

Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
I am not convinced about your knowlege of college football, Brett Basanez played

One more time Jersey.......

?Coach Hoak said he will try to get me in at fullback and see what I can do with the coaching, because I haven?t played that at all,? said Herron.

What more do you want??? I think you are the one who needs some proof, and to say you have seen him play FB is just a lie. You have no credibility.
Of course they have FB's on thier roster but they are not used in thier base offense......

Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
Q: Obviously, he probably didn't do a whole lot of lead blocking [at Northwestern], being the main ball carrier. Is that something you think he can learn?

HOAK: Yeah. He has the size to do it and the athletic ability to do it. He's never been asked to do it. He does a pretty good job for them, as far as pass protection, but you don't see him do any run blocking.
- they were asking the RB coach not him, if they did would they would know he didnt do a whole lot but he did run block.

B2W, i was trying to be the bigger man . but u need to wait untill i upload these vid on my server, then we can fight and i say your wrong. what namecalling? oh u mean when u called me lier and i have no cerdit? i just love how u tired to turn it back on me by saying i started the name calling if u look at what u said in 6 posts u can see who was the lil man ;). but as i say again we can agree to disagree, untill i upload the vids. but till then how about u grow up a lil and try to be a bigger man and wait. lol

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