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Default Re: Moving on to the Raiders

Originally Posted by Lord of Lombardi View Post

I'll be driving 5 hours to see this game. I am actually going to the Pens game on Friday and staying in the Burgh with family and then going to the Stiller game on Sunday. I have off Monday hoping that I will be celebrating two victories over the weekend. A lot of similarities to last year have me worried. We won a Monday night game then went on a losing streak in 09. Cincy was Monday night as you know. We will however beat Oakland since we will get to Campbell and he sucks with pressure. Key is pressure. We never get pressure on Brady and that is why they always beat us. Not sure why we don't ever work on our OL to protect our QB who is good if given the time. We will win over Oakland by 11. Timmons and Ward must return or we become a below average team. What ever happened to Ziggy?
I hope you're right and have a great time at both games!

Something odd I've noticed the past couple years...when the Pens start playing really well and go on a win streak, the Steelers seem to struggle a bit and vice versa. I know it's just coincidence, but I guess at least I'm not dealing with both of them playing like shit at the same time.

As far as Ziggy goes...I have no clue. He's pretty invisible to me, so I don't have much input into his play really. I guess that's his biggest problem. He doesn't make any "splash plays" as Tomlin would put it lol.

You're 100% right about pressure too. The D didn't start to see any really good plays until they started forcing Brady's timing off last night. Why they don't do that all the time is beyond me. Man coverage with lots of pressure is they way to go with him. Just poor preparation by Lebeau. Campbell should be a lot easier to get to. They've rattled him before, and hopefully they remember how to do it again.
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