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Default Re: Moving on to the Raiders

I'm not sure Lebeau is all that. We had some great defensive players for him back in the 90's and we never won anything willing to brag about. Where is his in game adjustments, his halftime "changes' to the other team's game plan?

Against Arizona, the D was not awesome just good enough. And Ben was running for his life during that last drive. I would just once, like to see an O line like NE's. Pouncy is a great start. Let's get more this draft. And a Shut down DB would be great. I will hand it to NE. They know how to prey on stupid ass organizations to fork over draft picks. They draft well and their young corp of players (usually high picks) will make them a solid opponent for years to come. That doesn't bode well for us since they have our number.

We'd have 1 or 2 more Lombardy's if not for them.
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