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Default Re: Criticism getting to Reed?

Originally Posted by lionslicer View Post
I'm just taking it personal because I know peope who killed themselves and tried to kill themselves because they are in a similar position as Reed, the only difference is he's getting paid which seems to make him more important to assholes on this board.
This is a message board. It has no effect on your personal life, so you shouldn't take a person's post personally.

Sorry you've know people who have killed themselves or tried to, but that has zero factor on here. I bet 90% of the people here have had to deal with similar situations.

It doesn't change the fact that Reed gets paid millions to do a job. He chose to do that job in front of people who pay a lot of money to watch him (and others) do their jobs...again, jobs that they get paid A LOT of money to do. Him whining about being booed is pathetic. It was deserved.

I've worked enough jobs, with a lot less pay and a lot more criticism and apologized when I did a shitty job...not whine to my bosses or coworkers (media in Reeds case) that they were being to harsh. If he feels that badly about it, maybe he should use some of the millions that he makes and seek counseling. I've got zero sympathy.
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