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Default Re: Moving on to the Raiders

Originally Posted by steelcity1974 View Post
I would blitz more. We cannot guard WRs and TEs when we drop 8, so we might as well mix it up and send some all out blitzes. Also, what happened to the corner blitz? It forced a fumble against the Saints, and was effective against the Bengals too. Non-existant v Patriots.
If I recall they did send McFadden on one, and Brady got the ball out to the open receiver on time.

Moving on to Oakland:

We have a much easier assignment defensively this week, but I expect the Raiders to try and test us with the run because it is that much of their identity. Campbell is easy to rattle and holds onto the ball a lot longer than the last 3 QBs we've played, we should be able to register 3-5 good sacks in t his one.

Offensively, I have no clue what we're going to see, I'm just hoping they can put their act together for a solid 4 quarters of play.
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