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Default Re: Moving on to the Raiders

IF we can stop the run, I think we will be okay. I'm still convinced that Jason Campbell sucks and the only reason his numbers have been good is because people are expecting them to run the ball. If we can eliminate McFadden and Bush, then that puts the game on Campbell's profusely pathetic passing and piss-poor pocket presence.

Offensively... come out throwing. Like Denver did this week. To hell with running the ball, at least until you get a comfortable lead. I know Ben hasn't exactly been at the top of his game, but just ONCE, can we not start the game with multiple 3 & outs (or multiple "drives" that lead to a couple of 1st downs but end in punts)? I have a lot more faith in Ben (even throwing to mediocre receivers) than I do in Mendenhall right now.
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