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Default Re: prepared??? Didn't seem like it....

[QUOTE=drizze99;866764] We get 3 nationally televised games in a row and we go 1-2 and almost 0-3 to teams we should have beaten SOUNDLY.

Why was Mendenhall barely used? He averaged 4.5+ yds/carry last night but only got the ball 11 times.

1. yeah, i think there's 2 reasons why people are REALLY upset this time. One....we get beat (no OWNED), by the hated Pats, and look listless and like we didn't even care in the process. Hell, we looked comatose, almost dead.
And're right. 3 games in a row on national television for the whole country to see and we got embarrassed ALL 3 games (yes, the victory over the Bengals was embarrassing too, we played like SH** and looked like sh**)
Its one thing to get beat. Its another altogether to be embarrassed and humiliated.

As for Mendenhall, i'm not sure why he was barely used. But that 4.5 yds/carry is misleading as his one run, what was it, like 35 yards? If you take that one run out, he averaged less than 1.5 yds/carry.
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