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Default Re: NE @ Pitt Gameday Thread 11/14/10

Originally Posted by urgle burgle View Post
shit happens in a day. I lost my favorite goat and a bottle of Quervo. you'll have that. we lose to the ****ng raiders though, I might burn down a village or 13.
I lost my plasma last night and had to watch that damn debacle on a little screen. Which is good because had I watched it on the big TV I might have destroyed it and then I'd be out a plasma. Or worse, I'd have had to explain why the big TV was destroyed to my better half.

Originally Posted by Wicked View Post
Sorry, but the only time I am ashamed to be a Steelers fan is when they play New England. I have never seen a team bow down in submission the way they do with the Pats. It's just embarrassing and I refuse to watch. It's not being negative or a sore loser, it really is that bad.
You don't recall our last visit (08) to New England?

I have a feeling the way bellicheat is that last night might have been some payback.
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