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Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
fire arians
bench randle el

seriously, firing jeff reed was a knee jerk reaction. i can only wish that tomlin will have a knee jerk reaction when it comes to bruce arians
Incidents with players acting out that make the sports media are like ****roaches - for what you see there are a lot more in the woodwork that have not been seen

I am fairly confident with regard to the credibility of one alleged incident regarding Reed's off the field activities that is lot worse than beating up a towel dispenser or getting into it in the parking lot with law enforcement

As for Reed's day job, we have Reed on the record blaming the 2009 special teams and the turf for his rotten kicks while stating management lied to him during contract negotiations - i bet there is a lot more that has gone down and Tomlin had enough

I would not have cut him in mid-season but i do not have to work with the jerk and do not see this as someone acting suddenly and impulsively by cutting his ass
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