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Default Re: Blitz Packages?

to a degree I agree with this. But if Lebeau didn't trust his DB's and their bend but not break D was getting lit up all night without a quality stop, why in the hell did he not even try the Blitzburg approach? That was not us out there on that field. There was no passion, no intensity, no qb scrambling and I've seen Barbie scramble and play after being hit. He loses his cool. Look at what missing a 3rd down did to him. If we get burned by the own sword that got us where we are, then so be it. To play like that was falling into the same old Brady trap that has killed us so often. And from what I read, All of us Pittsburghers have pegged our coordinators for underperforming. Especially Arians. Ben has really let us down after this team fought their asses off wtihin 32 seconds from 4-0......If he continues on this pace, that girl in Atlanta should even ask for her money back.
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