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Default Re: It's Official: Goodell hates the Steelers

Originally Posted by Need4spd View Post
Sorry, but there is no way Chung should be punished in any way, shape, or form for that hit whether the result was a concussion or not. Just because some of the other punishments he has imposed on players around the league, James Harrison included, may have seemed a little over the top doesn't automatically mean that Chung deserves a fine here.
Actually it does. They called it incomplete through replay review which means Ward was a defenseless receiver at the time of the hit. Had they called it a fumble then that would mean that he would have made the catch, turned up field, and became a ball carrier and helmet to helmet is no longer a penalty or fine-able offense.

The NFL dropped it here. They ruled on the field that it was incomplete. A 15 yard penalty should have been thrown number 1. Number 2 a fine should be given to the defender. He hit helmet to helmet what was determined to be a defenseless receiver. He clearly led with the helmet

I'm far from a conspiracy theorist, but even I'm wondering what the deal is with Goodell and the Steelers. Something isn't right here.
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