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Default Re: It's Official: Goodell hates the Steelers

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
You're right. Chung shouldn't be fined. But neither should Harrison have been fined.
So in other words, let me get this straight :
You can punish/fine one player for a helmet to helmet (accident, on-purpose, momentum, whatever the reason), but you're not going to fine another one? You're going to "pick-and-choose" who you fine and who you don't??
Thats some absolute BS and the main reason i hate this new "rule". They're not being fair and consistent with the punishments.
That was basically my point. I guess two wrongs don't make a right, that's all I'm saying. Whether or not Goodell is being consistent with the punishments he is handing out is certainly a fair argument. It is such a fine line it's not even funny, and many of these hits are very subjective. This is exactly why I agree with what Polamalu suggested a few weeks ago. There should definitely be an independent panel of "judges" if you will, who rule of these kinds of issues.
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