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Default What if the Government Ran the NFL?

Suppose the White House takes over the NFL due to a protracted labor dispute. The fans need Football.

Here are some changes we could expect:
Reed would not have been fired. Tomlin would place a note in his file about his kicking performance. Each admin in the FO would read and sign the poor performance note.
Jeff Reed could then attach a written response to the note. Reeds response would then go to Tomlin and the FO for review. They could then add their response. Then Reed could respond to their response. Finally, the poor performance note would be sent to the Rooneys and to the Players Union. The Rooney's would weigh in with an action plan to correct the poor performance. The Players Union would then have to sign off on the action plan.

Reed would be given a probation period of 3 games to improve his kick percentage. If he fails to improve his kick percentage, Tomlin will file a new poor performance note and the above procedures will be followed.

After 3 poor performance notes, Reed will be sent to a committee consisting of Steelers FO management and Player Union representatives for a hearing.
The committee could at this point recommend to the Rooney's to fire Reed, suspend him with pay, or place him on special performance standards roster and allow him to return next season.

If the committee decides to fire Reed, then Reed can appeal. During the appeal process, Reed can submit evidence and bring witnesses as to why he should not be fired.

If the committee determines that Reed is being fired due to performance issues, then that is not fair grounds for termination. In this case, the Steelers will have to assign a kicking coach and special training sessions to raise his performance level.

If the committee finds that Reed has violated ethical policies, then Reed can only be fired on his 3rd offense.

If the committee finds that Reed has been convicted of a felony, then Reed can be fired.

During all these procedures, Reed must receive his full compensation.

Of course, I've just outlined what it takes to fire a public school teacher. Can you imagine how great public schools would be if they followed the NFL approach?

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