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Default Re: What if the Government Ran the NFL?

Atlanta Dan,

Hayek is talking about severe illness or disasters. He's not talking about when you have your appendix or tonsils taken out. 80% to 90% of healthcare deals with non life threatening treatments. I think Hayek would agree with me that socialized medicine is not the way to go.

The government has a responsibility if there is a Hurricane Katrina or an earthquake or some other disaster to step in and give assistance. I also think that the government should assist people who have catastrophic illnesses and don't have insurance.

I think you misunderstand Hayek if you think he wants socialized medicine.

Hayek wrote (The Constitution of Liberty) that government could take the lead in fashioning institutions in the private market – and so if those w/pre-existing conditions are the primary problem, then institutional reform of insurance might be an area where legislators could be involved; however, that doesn’t justify a comprehensive reform of the WHOLE private market, nor the PROHIBITION of private competition (as the U.S. House bill clearly would do on Pg. 16 – though apologists deny this by speaking as if the right to purchase exchange-ready plans is the same as the right for a willing buyer and willing seller of a policy to freely contract).
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