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Default Re: Wow, Cedrick Wilson was just at my house!

Actually I swear to god this happened. We took some pics, but didnt wanna like be *******s. He's a pretty chill dude, no doubt. He brought his kid too (Cedrick Jr.). I mean, if you dont wanna believe me, its really not a big deal, because it really did happen. They met at an athletic club. Its different for our family (not being racist here) cause we're white and my sis never had a relationship with a black dude, let alone a steeler. It's just a really interesting thing I thought Id share with you guys. I honestly can swear on my life that he was here tonight, how/why the hell would I make this up?

PS: I dont know if hes trying to get with my sis, they just met yesterday! :P

Also, its sorta funny cause I really didnt like the way he played during the regular season and was referring him to being a liability to the team. But he definately stepped up against denver. One of the best parts of the night was when I reminded him how he burned Champ in the playoffs. He was humble about it, but got a smile out. It was just a great experience for me being such a huge steeler fan.
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