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Default Re: Fantasy articles/news

2005 Fantasy Football WR Busts

by Chris Weeks

It's time to pull out those draft boards and move some of those wide receivers and tight ends down the list. Some of these guys had a pretty good year last season. Some of these guys are players people expect to have a really good season this year. I on the other hand think these guys will perform at or below the league average. If you can grab some of these guys late in the draft by all means go for it. Just don't make these guys your starters, as their numbers won't be good enough to carry your team to the super bowl.

Laveranues Coles, New York Jets
Coles is back for a second go with the Jets. In 2002 Coles had the best year of his career. I think it was because he was in a contract year and he needed to show the rest of the league what he could do. Since that time he's been on and off the injury list with a nagging toe. Playing along side Coles this year will be Justin McCareins. Many thought McCareins would be the Jets best receiver last year. While McCareins didn't have a bad season he isn't a threat. Because of that Coles will continue to draw double coverage and Pennington who can't throw the deep ball will have problems finding him.

Plaxico Burress, New York Giants
The newest addition to the Giants offense this off-season was Plaxico Burress. You're probably wondering how I can put Burress on this list. The reason is quite simple. Many believe Burress will return to his 2001 & 2002 form. I on the other hand believe his 2003 & 2004 stats are more in line with what we should expect. Part of the reason I think this is the case is Burress played with a young QB last year and only posted 700 yards and 5 TD's. Again this season he'll be playing with second year QB Eli Manning.

Nate Burleson, Minnesota
Nobody on the Vikings will miss Moss more than Nate Burleson. With Moss out of the picture Burleson moves in to number one. While Williamson may lighten the load a little it won't be enough. Williamson is a rookie and until he proves himself opposing defenses will double Burleson. To top it all off Burleson lost a lot of touches in the red zone last season to the bigger receivers Moss and Robinson. I'd expect much of the same this season. Williamson is a big your receiver with great hands and Robinson is the man over the middle. I don't think Burleson will have a terrible year, I just don't think he'll post numbers great numbers. In a 12-team league I'd have him on the bench as a bye week backup.

Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay
The sophomore jinx exists for a reason. It's not because Clayton's 2004 season was a fluke and he's coming back to earth in 2005. It's because Clayton was the most productive rookie receiver in 2004. Now that teams know what he's capable of they'll pay more attention to the guy. Drawing most of the double coverage this season and the lack of a quality QB are the reasons Clayton's numbers drop this year. Keep an eye on this guy though. He'll be back in 2006 as a top 10 receiver.

Peerless Price, Atlanta
This is going to be the year Price posts numbers like he did in 2002 with the Bills right? I don't think so. In 2003 Price played the majority of the season without Vick and that's why his numbers were down. If that was the excuse in 2003 then what's the excuse for the horrible numbers in 2004? Vick was there all year and Price had the worst year of his career next to his rookie season. The Falcons offense isn't built like Colts. They don't have a quarterback who likes to sit in the pocket and hit his receivers. Vick likes to get out in the open and create with his legs. Until Vick proves he can sit in the pocket and hit his receivers on a consistent basis I'd stay away from all Falcons receivers.
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