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Friday, June 10 2005 @ 05:07 PM CDT
Re:Fantasy articles/news

2005 Fantasy Football QB Busts

by Daniel Kalles

Which Quarterback and when to draft one are always hard decisions to make. As I said in my article on Quarterback sleepers, I don't think there is a need to jump the gun and take a QB early, but if you must then here are a few that you might want to stay away from if you feel you need to draft one.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh
If any QB has bust written all over him its Big Ben. Ben didn't start the season as the number #1 QB, but once he got the job he never looked back. He had a great season, with the Steelers being the surprise team of the year and finishing the regular season at 15-1. He took his team all the way to the conference championship game where he lost for the first time all year. While I think Ben will have a successful career and season, I think he will definitely come back to orbit and he will not be worth the high draft pick someone will spend on him. There are a couple of things going against him to start the year, #1 being the loss of Plaxico Buress. While Buress has been anything but consistent over his career, he seemed to have good chemistry with Ben, and he was the deep threat that helped open up the offense and make sure the defense couldn't double team Hines Ward. With Burress leaving for the Giants, Antwan Randel-El will have to pick up the slack and I'm not convinced he is an every down WR. The Pittsburgh offense has always been built around a strong running game, and I'm just not sure how good it will be this year. Duce Staley has had injuries problems all his career, and Jerome Bettis is a year older. If Duce goes down again this year (highly likely), and Bettis isn't the beast he was last year, defenses will be all over Ben. With all this said, I would look to get Ben late in the draft or let someone else make the mistake of taking him early.

Aaron Brooks, New Orleans
Aaron Brooks has all the talent to be a top notch QB; he just doesn't have the head. One game he looks like Donovan Mcnabb and the next he looks like a cross between Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith. Brooks will definitely put up some big games for you with his arm and legs, but will also have some really bad games. The problem is I don't think Brooks has been surrounded by very much talent. While Joe Horn and Deuce Mcallister are pro bowl players, they are lacking any depth behind Deuce and no other WR to help Horn. Horn isn't getting any younger, and while every year we think this is the one when he will finally take a step back he still plays well. I think his time has finally come. The Saints drafted Donte Stallworth in the first round to take over for Horn, but all he has been is a huge disappointment. Everyone keeps saying he will break out, but he has had very few productive games and far to many where he wasn't even noticed. After Stallworth it gets even worse. So if you add the lack of playmakers and depth with Brooks's inability to control a game, that leaves us with a QB who should not be drafted very high.

Dante Culpepper, Minnesota
I know many of you will be shocked to see this name on the list. I also know all about the numbers Culpepper put up when Randy Moss was injured last year. But after the year that he had last year and the numbers he put up, I think he will most definitely be chosen too early this year. While the Vikings made some great off-season moves to shore up their weak defense, they didn't do much to add to their offense. To start they lost Moss, the best and most dominate WR in football history this side of Jerry Rice. What he did for the offense wasn't only big catches and TD's, it was the attention he took away from other players. The big free agent WR acquisition to replace Moss was Travis Taylor? need I say more? While Nate Burleson emerged as a solid WR last year, no one is sure if he can carry the load of being a #1 WR. They drafted Troy Williamson with their #1 pick in this year's draft. While we all know how fast he is, no one knows what he is capable of in the NFL. To make matters worse, the running game is a mess, Michael Bennett hasn't regained the form that made him a 1000 yard rusher and Onterrio Smith is to busy figuring out how the Whizzanator works to be counted on (that's if he isn't suspended for the season). Despite all the talent the Vikings have in the backfield, it doesn't seem that they can find one back they can trust who can make it through the season without suspension or injury. All these things seem to me to be too much to draft Culpepper in the top 2 rounds.

Brett Favre, Green Bay
Now please everyone don't jump on my back at once. Let me begin by saying that the last time bust and Brett Favre were mentioned in the same sentence was sometime in 1991 while with the Falcons. Putting Favre in this category has very little to do with Brett himself, he is coming off a fantastic year where once again he played all 16 games and he passed for the 4th highest yardage total of his career. The reason I have placed him in the bust category is because of the team that surrounds him and where people think to draft him. The offensive line lost a couple of starters and center Mike Flanagan is coming off major surgery. Ahman Green wasn't the same RB he was 2 years ago, and the loss of O-lineman wont help. Javon Walker had an amazing season but he is a hold out. Donald Driver had a big season, but he has never put together 2 productive seasons in a row and he is not getting any younger. Speaking of age, Favre will be 36 by the time the season ends and at some point it will catch up to him. This might the season to let Favre pass you by and take a QB later on in the draft. (I hope I'm wrong about this one, because I know everyone loves watching him play ball)

Steve McNair, Tennessee
Steve McNair went into last season looking like a great pick, he not only get's good passing stats but he could put up some rushing stats on top of it. Well last year was a disaster for him. He was injured for most of the season and when he played he wasn't the same McNair we have come to know. This season should not be any better. They cut their top WR and a McNair go to guy, Derrick Mason, and didn't replace him with anyone. McNair can only hope that Drew Bennett can take off where he finished last year, but he is the only WR with any real experience on the roster. The team might have high hopes for Tyrone Calico, but he has had to sit out the last 2 years with major injuries. RB Chris Brown had a very productive first season as a starter, but was often injured and is now sitting out with a broken hand. If you think Steve is a late round steal you will be sadly mistaken.
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