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Default Re: Gotta love Seymour (and Karma too) <3

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Why would he be angry? He just threw 2 TD passes and and ran one in to beat the Raiders.

Stupid little Beiberfanboy.

And yeah, what karma...he got SHOVED (not punched) in the face after throwing a TD pass. That'll teach 'em!

Moron. Tell your fag QB to cut his damn hair already and stop crying like a girl every time he gets bumped. I hear Goodell's got a skirt all ready for him.

What a fag.

lol It was an open-handed punch and he still knocked Little Ben to the ground. I'd hate to see what would have happened if he hit Ben with a closd fist. They would probably have to haul Roethlisberger off the field on the cart.

And before you bash Tom you may want to remember what that pretty boy just did to your team a week ago.
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